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Automatic Noodle Maker Machine Maintenance

Automatic noodle making machine
The structure of automatic noodle machine looks very simple, but if there is a problem, it is also very troublesome. Here are some common faults and solutions of several automatic noodle machines.
1. If the surface of dough sheet is not smooth when producing noodles, the reason may be:
(1) There is dry and hard flour at the bottom of the roller, and it should be shut down.
(2) The roller heel knife is not close enough to cause the flour to stick on the roller, and it should be stopped to adjust. Adjustment method: remove the front roller tool and check whether the roller is smooth. If there is any unevenness, it should be removed and sanded to smooth, clean and then coated with cooking oil.
2. Cutting noodles is not smooth.
(1) Check whether the clearance of the roller exceeds the size thickness of the corresponding cutting tool, if it should be transferred to the corresponding thickness.
(2) Check whether the cutter has dry flour and sundries, if it should be cleaned with hot water, rubbing silk and so on.
Several problems to be paid attention to when opening automatic noodle making machine:
1. Check whether the voltage of the power supply is in line with the voltage used by the noodle machine and check whether the wire head is firm.
2. Plug the plug into the power outlet and press the switch. Before use, check the machine, remove the dirt in the machine, add a proper amount of edible oil to the end of the roller and cutter, and the gear and bearing should add solid lubricating oil regularly.
3. After the use, should be cleaned up, coated with edible oil to prevent rust.


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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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