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Considerations For Using Automatic Fresh Noodle Machines

In the daily production, good noodles not only need good flour raw materials, good fresh noodle machine equipment, but also understand the noodle production and noodle machine use rules, in order to increase the life of fresh noodle machine, it is necessary to maintain and maintenance, the following tells you how to maintain and maintain noodle machine:considerations for using automatic fresh noodle machines

1, Noodle machine every six months to replace the bearing grease, and should maintain the gear, rolling bearings lubrication.

2, The production of noodles before idling for 10-15 minutes, the winter production of indoor temperature to maintain more than 10-15 degrees.

3, Noodle machine to stop after use must be clean and hygienic, to avoid breeding bacteria caused by production pollution.

4, Before the production should be inspected raw materials, to remember that good raw materials are the fundamental guarantee of high-quality products.

5, The most important point is the use of safe, rigorous violations of the use of the standard, strictly prohibit the hand into the range is not allowed.

6, Noodle machine drying equipment is very important, should be perfected, equipment in the process of operation of our Noodle machine performance control to have a comprehensive control, in strict accordance with the production requirements to go. Keep the machine clean after shutdown, and there is no residual flour in each roll.

Fresh noodle machine in use should pay attention to safety, after the use of regular maintenance and maintenance to make the use of electric noodle machine longer life. As long as the master of the Electric noodle machine maintenance and maintenance, will make the use of electric noodle machine longer.


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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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