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Fried instant noodles contains rich nutrient

fried instant noodlesMain ingredients of instant noodles are wheat flour, palm oil, sauce and dehydrated vegetables, thouse are essential ingredients supplement to the body's nutrition. 
In China, when talking about noodles, a lot of people have a variety of errors,such as no nutrition, contain preservatives, difficult to digest, salt content, packaging, wax containing toxic, etc..Instant noodles was named one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth Century in Japan, However, why the Chinese people dislike it ?
According to the school of food science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University doctoral tutor Professor Hu Xiaosong introduction, people think that eating more is not conducive to health, mainly for the following reasons: 
1.Oil content is high, because most of the instant noodles are fried in the way of the block to dry. But Professor Hu pointed out that compared with French fries, hamburgers and so on, the oil in the instant noodles not very high and most of them are palm oil, which is a kind of vegetable oil ,beneficial to human health.
2. Containing a certain additive, Professor Hu said that people think additive is not conducive to health. This is a misunderstanding of the concept, Food industry can not do without thickening agents, stabilizers and other additives, sate permits the use, are strictly detected, is harmless the human body.
3. Arylamide, Professor Hu pointed out that all kinds of starch food in high temperature cooking (more than 120 degrees Celsius) in the production will produce this kind of carcinogen.They are in French fries ,so they are also in the instant noodles.
For many people believe that instant noodles have no nutrition, Professor Hu said that in the  instant noodles and seasoning packets, they are provided with 6 essential necessary nutrients for human body, such as water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins. Therefore, instant noodle is comprehensive nutrition.If you have more vegetables, fruits and other vitamin-rich foods when you eating instant noodls, it will be more healthy.


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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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