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Noodle Making Machine After Sale Service

9 roller fresh noodle making machine
1. New users enjoy:
(1) Noodle machine installation: providing the installation and debugging of the software and hardware system related to the project.
(2) System startup: the test that provides the start of the device running.
(3) Provide documents: provide relevant technical documentation for customers (operation video, face point craft, service phone), please keep it properly.
2. Maintenance of noodle making machine:
(1) Within 1 years from the date of purchase, the products enjoy free maintenance services, provide free technical support, provide free spare parts free of charge, and provide new technical support throughout the life.
(2) If it belongs to the product quality and installation problem, the maintenance fee and material fee are exempt from the warranty period.
(3) If it is a damage caused by human factors, the cost of maintenance needs to be paid for buying a house.
3. Maintenance methods:
(1) Remote diagnosis guidance: providing online communication and hotline service to help users solve some unexpected failures.
(2) The product warranty period according to the formal standard warranty, finally issued a complete inspection or test report submitted to give users.
(3) After the warranty period, our company will still provide customers with life-long maintenance services, only cost costs.
Our company has a complete inventory of product parts. When a fault is identified, hardware replacement is needed, and timely good parts are sent to users. Users can get our company's technical guidance by telephone.


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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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