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The Details of the Production Process Noodles

noodles making machine

In instury, noodles produced by Automatic Noodle Making Machine. Now we will share you The details of the production process noodles.
1. Knead dough. Mix wheat flour, nutrients, accessories, such as water mixing by mixing the machine and forming a broken dough, The dough requires moisture uniformity, color consistency, without powder, has good extensibility and plasticity. The quality of dough has a direct impact on the operation of other processes and the quality of products. Is an important link in the production of Hanging noodles.
2. Gelatinization: Making the dough more mature, the water is evenly distributed in the formation of gluten, is the necessary process to improve the performance of the dough.
3. Tabletting. The gelatinized dough through multi-channel roller, the pressure gradually into in accordance with the provisions of the thickness of patches, patches require smooth, tight, uniform thickness, no holes, no burr. The unqualified patches should be promptly returned to the machine.
4.Cutting. Cut the city Hanging noodles forming process, directly affect the appearance quality of the Hanging noodles. Cut out the dough to demand flat and smooth, no burr, no bar, no pollution.
5. Drying: drying the shelves Hanging noodles has the requirements of flat non slip, not crisp, crisp, moisture, good cooking and flexibility. Dry noodles according to different varieties, different seasons, different weather and flexible control of each temperature zone temperature and humidity, ensure the quality of dried Hanging noodles.
6. Cut off: cut the dry noodles into fixed length, require to cut the neat, smooth Hanging noodles with less residue, mechanical damage to the Hanging noodles small, high yield rate.
The production of each one are very important, carefully treat Hanging noodles production to ensure to improve the quality of Hanging noodles, So gelgoog is strictly in accordance with the standard production machine.


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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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