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Quality 0f Rice Noodle Machine

People's life is always inseparable from food and clothing, which is the most concern of the people's problems. Rice noodles has a long history, the rice noodle machine production method is handmade. With the development of Quality of rice noodle machinesociety, the progress of science and technology, the mechanization of production mode gradually replaced the manual production, the production of enterprise factories have been reformed, but the delicacy of the rice noodle has been left in our side.

Because the rice noodle in the market demand is very big, so the traditional method of cold rice noodles production can not meet the needs of the market. The traditional production method also has certain flaw, first is the health question, this is the question which everybody concerns, secondly is the output question, the traditional production pattern rice noodle production cycle is long, cannot satisfy the sales demand.

The emergence of the rice noodle making machine has greatly solved the problem of production and hygiene, and it is the main help for the development of the rice noodle industry. The quality of the noodle is good and there is no need to add preservatives. 120-150 degrees of high-temperature steam instant cold rice noodle dozen cooked drums, taste chewiness slippery, than the quality of hand-made is better. Not only thick can do, and a machine diversification, function is also diverse: make the rice noodle quality, good sales.


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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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