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Production Process Of Rice Noodles

Rice noodle steamer
Rice-- Washing--Soaking--Grinding--Configure--Making--Cutting--Forming  
1. Washing
The purpose of washing rice is to remove impurities on the surface of rice, make rice keep clean, to ensure the quality of the products, the more clean the rice is, the better the quality of the processed rice noodle.
2. Soaking
The purpose of soaking is to make the rice fully swollen and soften, so that it is easy to grind. During the immersion, soluble protein and carbohydrate exudation, while the organizational structure becomes loose, is conducive to improve the quality of rice noodle.
3. Grinding
Grinding is milling soaked rice, mixed with water can flow into the rice slurry. The water content of the pulp is 50~60%, and the thickness of the pulp is the best for 100 mesh. Overall,the powder in rice milk is smaller is better .
4. Configure
The mechanization of rice noodle production, because time is short, the amylose exudation quantity is limited, the tenacity effect of rice noodle, can be used to mix slurry, further improve the quality of rice noodle.
The rice noodle production method is very simple, only need to put the rice milk poured into the hopper, and then turn on the switch, it can be produced. But began to work in the cold noodle machine before to adjust slurry flow velocity.

6. Cutting and Forming
After cutting,rice noodle temperature is still high, the viscosity is large, so after the cooling rice noodle.

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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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