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Small Spring Roll Wrapper Machine

Small spring roll wrapper machine

Make spring roll  wrapper by hand, need to spend a lot of labor, and the shape of spring roll wrapper produced by hand is different, a single species, low efficiency.
Spring roll wrapper machine made of stainless steel, long service life, you can use it to make different shapes of spring roll wrapper, suitable for restaurants, hotels and other occasions, is also a very good choice for entrepreneurs.
Spring roll wrapper machine can produce the thickness of 0.3mm-0.8mm, the size of the spring roll wrapper can control 10-50cm. According to user needs to customize different sizes, different volumes of spring roll machine. Adopt advanced temperature control system, let the temperature reach 0 error, will not produce heat waste, achieve the purpose of saving energy, lower production cost, simpler operation system, one person can operate, save a great deal of labor.
Spring roll machine is a high degree of automation equipment, here are some spring Roll machine points of operation.
1. Both ends of the roller material status should be basically the same, the thickness of the material, the temperature should be the same.
2. Spring roll machine adjustment should pay attention to observe the ammeter instructions. For the same equipment, the smaller the rolling distance, the heavier the motor load, the motor should be prevented from being overloaded.
3. Do not let the rolling distance is less than the minimum value, to prevent the two rolls collide.
Spring roll wrapper machine purposes: suitable for spring roll wrapper. Suitable for food factories, restaurants, fast food restaurants.


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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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